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Your Day Your Way

Your Day Your Way

So the question has been popped, you’re feeling on top of the world, up on cloud 9, with dreams of your perfect day running through your mind.  Then when you set out to look for that perfect wedding venue (you know, the one that all your friends are secretly jealous of) you come crashing back down to earth with a bang.  Why are there so many rules?  You’re being told that you have to get married at a certain time, with a particular order to your day, and a stranger telling you what your choice of three course dinner are.  You suddenly loose that vision you had of your fairytale wedding day, with all of those little touches that make your day sparkle.  

Luckily for you, we are here to make sure that your day is as unique as you are, with every detail planned to fit your style of perfection.  We don’t tell you what time your ceremony has to be held, in fact, you have our whole venue exclusively for three whole nights, meaning you won’t be running into any other brides while you’re showing off your show stopping dress.  Your guests won’t accidentally walk into the wrong wedding breakfast (we’ve all been there!  Or is that just me?), and most of all, you get to be in control of your special time.

Northside Farm is a unique venue that is truly like no other.  Weddings that are held here are all magical in their own personal way, and remembered by everyone as a breathtaking moment in time.  We are often told that our barn has a warm and inviting feel to it, a home from home, with natural charm and an elegant, yet rustic, finish, that you can add your own stamp to.  We invite you to dress the venue with personal touches and add your own style, alongside our own carefully selected pieces.  We encourage you to let your imagination run wild, with endless inspiration and possibilities, and the freedom to bring your dream wedding to life. 

So when you are looking for your wedding venue, make sure you stop by the barn.

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