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New Year New Blog

Hello and welcome to a brand New Year and our brand new blog, letting you in on all of the barn gossip, the crazy things we get up to, and the lessons we learn along the way. We hope you find it as entertaining to read as we do living it. You never know, you might get a few little ideas and a bit of inspiration for your big day!

2016 has been a huge year for Northside Farm, there’s been building work, Hedgehog rescues and ladder calamities. But most of all, 2016 marked the completion of the barn (just as well seeing as Ralph and Olivia got married here in May). The conversion of the barn at Northside Farm has been a one of love and graft, sweat and tears, as it was transformed into a stunning venue that is truly like no other; perfect for any event you can think of (and we have a few fun and interesting things booked in for 2017 that we can’t wait to share with you!).

It has also been a year of team building, literally; we added a whole new person to Team Northside, and with a team like us, there really is never a dull moment! From run away sheep to someone testing if a toaster worked using an old order of service (naming no names … Ralph!), you really couldn't write it.

So who is behind Northumberland’s newest venue? Let’s find out shall we…


At the head of the table we have Olivia. A wife, a mother and a business woman (who says you can’t have it all?). She’s got a keen eye for detail and is so creative, coming up with little ideas to add finishing touches and a flair of rustic charm. She’s achieved so much in her years and is always ready for the next challenge that is thrown her way, which is just as well at times!


The barn wouldn't be the beautiful unique venue it is today without the hard work of Olivia’s husband, Ralph. He is such a grafter, making sure that everything the barn needs, in-order to be absolutely spectacular, is in place. If we want a canopy building in the courtyard, Ralph is the man. If we want a ceiling hanging made to hang foliage and twinkle lights from, he’s on it. It’s always handy having someone handy around isn’t it! When he’s not busy at the farm he’s living it up at home with Olivia and their three girls (and lets not forget the hedgehogs!).


The newest addition to Team Northside is Jill, our Event Manager, making sure our happy couples and clients get the event of their dreams. With many years experience in events and marketing, Jill has fit in really well at the farm (her crazy personality helps too!). She is a perfectionist and loves a good spreadsheet to keep track of everyones different events and requests. Outside of work Jill is happiest with a very feminine pint of ale in her hand on a Friday night with her family around her.

Overall we are a happy bunch, laughing daily and getting to know all of our lovely guests, after all, who doesn't love a good wedding and a good party!

Check in again to see what’s in store for us in 2017! If 2016 has been anything to go by, it’s going to be huge!

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